Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
John 14:6
Sarah Danner Lebanon Church Devotions

Making Bold Moves

You could say I’ve had a truckload of embarrassing moments. Here’s a few.

  • My personal favorite was when I was in church one Sunday, and dropped the offering plate (it was halfway full too) right there in the pew, in front of the entire congregation. I could feel the cold stares even through my blood red face.
  • I’ve accidentally spilled a fresh, full glass of Diet Coke on the person across from me, and all they said was, “It’s okay.”, and then walked around the entire mall with soaked shorts for me.
  • I tripped in 1st grade at recess in front of my whole class and they angrily looked down and pointed, “You mean shoes! How dare you make her fall?!”

Everyday I sin, but yet God let’s me live another one & gives me the opportunity to make it great.

One of the many things I love about our God is that he communicates in so many different ways—through people, silence, or even jackets.

We’re not always going to have that angel to fly in and throw some reassurance our way, but hey, in the end, as long as your on Team God, you’ll be alright.

Oh and, if any of the people who I was just talking about are reading this, you haven’t been forgotten, holla if you ever need something 😉

People like that are so important to have in life. My advice is to become that person. The kind of person that smiles and goes along when you start singing the wrong lyrics to a song instead of calling you out in front of all your friends, making you feel awkward.
You should never feel uncomfortable with God, so don’t create situations with your peers where some people do. Everyone is welcome in God’s house, even the people who may smell funny, have piercings in strange places, or maybe you just heard something awful about them. Whatever it is, throw it out the window, and loose your pride.

My preacher, Mac Atkinson, once said, “You’re never better than someone, just maybe better off.” Then about a month ago, my youth Pastor, Derek Lambert, did a sermon called “Check Your Heart”, basically telling you to look in the mirror. Does your time get spent right? How are you making others feel? Do your actions show it? Ooou wheee, those men can preach, let me tell y’all! If you’ve never attended a service at Lebanon Free Will Baptist, I advise you go to the next one and meet my lovely church family. Talk about feeling like you’re getting wrapped up in a warm bear hug!

Getting back to the point, love is truly what it’s all about. If you’re hesitating on doing something great because Lord knows our minds can start tearing us down and stop us right in our steps, but if you feel your gut telling you to go for it…Do it! Make the uncomfortable, comfortable. Don’t be bold to look all big and bad, be bold to make someone smile. Rebel against the normal until it is normal. Do your words and actions prove you’d be willing to sacrifice anything for God? Oh and popularity? That’s over-rated nowadays. I don’t care who you know or hang out with on the weekends, if you care more about what they think of you than God, there’s a red flag. A soul full of love feels a whole lot better than one full of pride. Once you choose that spirit, you can’t loose it. 🙂

Recommended song: Old Church Choir – Zach Williams


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