Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
John 14:6
Sarah Danner Lebanon Church Devotions


Can’t decide what’s more impressive; Hichman El Guerrouj ran the fastest mile in the world with a time of 3 minutes, 43.13 seconds or that Tom Sietas held his breath underwater for 22 minutes and 22 seconds. Yeah, I could totally see myself doing something like that. AHAHAHAHA!
You can bet it wasn’t easy for either of them just to wake up and go set that record. Usually when we hear that things take a lot of time, money, and well, motivation, we get discouraged and give up.

WELL GUESS WHAT! Breaking a world record only takes 5 steps. Even if you don’t care about breaking a record, these are still steps you can take to become a better person ;)) Besides, who knows what you start off with could lead you to?
Goal: What do you want to accomplish? Or where do you want to end up?
#1 Rule: Don’t set a goal because you want to be like someone else, you’ll never be like them, but that’s not a bad thing. God made you differently from others for a reason. You have your own purpose, stick to that. Do whatever it is in order to bring Him fame and glory, NOT YOU.

2. Study: Don’t stop reading, this isn’t like the studying you do in school I promise.
Talk/observe someone who’s ahead in the game, someone who’s successful in what you want to be.
How did they get started?
What were their biggest challenges and how’d they get through them?
Pros and cons about what they do/did?

Yes I’m about to quote Bob Goff again, he’s a legend, but anyways he said to always ask the person where they’re going before you get in the car with them and if that ain’t the best advice I’ve ever heard I’ll be darned. Basically, if they ain’t supporting your ideas and goals then what good are they doing in your life? Tearing you down?? It’d be different if you weren’t being realistic but after all who would’ve thought you could run a mile in 3 minutes and 43 seconds?? I would’ve told you that you’re crazy, but hey I was proved wrong.

4. Organize Your Time: Set reminders, always be thinking of a way to improve, get a calendar, and treat yourself to something sweet or a hot bath!
The closer you get to doing something great, the more the devil attacks you. Stay consistent and keep your mindset positive so when the distractions come your way, they won’t phase you. Getting started and making progress is one thing but actually finishing it, is on a whole other level.

5. Spread The Love: Don’t be greedy. Tell others all about your incredible experience, what it taught you, and how you accomplished it. Inspire!
Help a brotha, out. You’ll also be helping this world out, may seem very little, but love is like a match, it lights fast and all over.

Whether you end up in the Guiness World Record Books one day or not, you’re in a better spot than you were when you first started. No looking back.

Thanks so much for reading, please share with a friend or leave me feedback. Go do something great this week y’all 🙂

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  1. Yes this sounds like the best way to finally get things in order and organize your life, cleaning up where needed!! Gonna try that with the people, God has already kept some away from me! He got the ones I wouldn’t have been able to speak on bc of personal feelings knowing how bad they were for me. The rest is a piece of cake! I don’t like all the evil coming out for you like it does, but living for the Lord is the best decision I’ve ever made and all I wanna do is continue feeding my soul so God will be pleased in me.

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