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No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
John 14:6

Keep up to date with the latest messages from Lebanon church. Check in regularly to make sure you don’t miss any one the calling post announcements or any of the great events going on here at Lebanon. If you are not on the Calling Post List and would like to be please contact us by either filling out a contact form on this website, emailing or calling us at 843-665-7605. Also check out this page anytime to see the most recent calling post announcements.

October 12th 2016, Announcement To All Lebanon Church
Hello church family. Due to the lack of electricity we will not be meeting for service tonight but please get together with your families and pray for those in the hospital like Mrs. Libby Jordan’s Mom, Mrs. Casey Brown, Mrs. Sheena Haseldon, and others. Please be in prayer for our neighbors and those in the communities still struggling from this disaster. Take time to thank the Lord that He saved us for something and pray for our Groundbreaking Service, Car Show, and Harvest Festival on Oct. 30th. There will be no Family Fun Day on Saturday and we will open the Church Office back up as soon as we have electricity. If there is any need please call or email Pastor Chris Edwards. Thank you for being the Church in this time of need.

January 21st 2016, Announcement To All Parents
There will be a meeting for Parents of all Teen in the Shed behind the Life Center on January 31st at 5:15pm to give information and answer questions for the Teen Mission Trip. If you have any questions please email Pastor Chris at


January 11th 2016, To all Lebanon Church
We would like to thank everyone for being at Church Sunday and for how well everyone is doing with the time changes. Keep it up and Pastor Mac will be kissing that pig come February. We would also like to give a quick reminder that we hope to see everyone Wednesday night for service as Pastor Mac continues his study into the Book of Revelation and that our new dinner times will be starting. Again Dinner will be served 5pm-6:30pm and we will be having Fried Chicken, homemade mac-n-cheese, rice & gravy, butter beans, dessert, and drinks. As always dinner is $2 per plate so come and eat up. We hope to see you Wednesday and God Bless.


January 5th 2016, To all Lebanon Church
This is just a quick reminder that we hope to see everyone this Wednesday for service and we will be having our weekly Wednesday night dinner in the life center. We will be having Chicken & Dumplings, String Beans, Slaw, Bread, Dessert, & Tea. Hope hope you come and join us and as always dinner is just $2 per person. Can’t beat that anywhere!

January 2nd 2016, To all Lebanon Church
Hello we hope everyone had a happy new year and we would like to give everyone a quick reminder about the changes in service times tomorrow. 1st service and life groups will be at 8:30am followed by 2nd service and life groups at 10:15am. ECHO kids worship will be in the life center at 8:30, and ECHO kids activities will be at 10:15.



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